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Some questions that I get asked often;

Where in Antarctica are you?
I’m currently living and working at Davis Station. Davis is located in East Antarctica, in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

What do you do there?
I’m employed as the Station Communications Technical Officer – SCTO. The job involves installing and maintaining all things telecommunications and electronics, including radio, telephones, IT/networks, audio visual, cabling, vehicle radio and RADAR, satellite systems and other miscellaneous electronic ‘stuff’.

We also have additional community roles, or secondary duties. Some of my additional roles are:

  • Fire team BA and deputy fire chief
  • Electoral Officer
  • Flag Officer
  • Hydroponics assistant

How long are you there for?
I’ll be working at Davis for approximately 12 months. On top of this it took 2 weeks to get here, and will take 2 weeks to get back. Training in Kingston, (Tasmania) went for 2 months, so I’ll be working with the AAD for around 15 months.

Do you get time off during your stay in Antarctica?
A few people have asked me if we get a chance to return to Australia during the year. Due to the complexity involved in getting here, we don’t get to take recreational leave during out time down south. During our downtime (including weekends and public holidays) we do get the opportunity to get off station and spend time in the field.

How did you get there?
We sailed from Hobart on the Aurora Australis, an ice strengthened science and logistics vessel. See my post about the journey.

How did you get this job?
I’ve been interested in Antarctica for a long time. The timing was good so I applied and got an offer! The process to work in Antarctica can be quite long, it takes almost 12 months from initial application to setting foot on the ice. In addition to being professionally suitable for the role, you’re also subject to personality, medical and psychological testing to ensure suitability.

How can I keep up with what’s happening?
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Please note that the posts provided here are solely my own experiences for the benefit of family and friends and they’re not intended to represent my employer, the Australian Antarctic Division. I encourage you to check out the AADs official media channels as below:

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