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  1. Lee McGrath says:

    A fascinating read and great photos/captions Matt, good stuff! 😀

  2. Zammo says:

    Matt, this is all levels of awesome! So jealous of your adventure. Keep the updates coming and have an awesome time!!

  3. Zach says:

    This is seriously amazing, will be following your posts closely as Antarctica has always fascinated me!

  4. Mark Vincent says:

    Brilliant mate. I’m pretty jealous. Keep the blogs coming!

  5. Kaylene Gledhill says:

    Sounds like you are settling in nicely. Have a great time and stay safe. I know you will as you always take training seriously and that way you can get the most out of this amazing adventure.

  6. Jean Alderton says:

    Just read your blog. Well do e it’s very interesting

  7. Grant Willis says:

    Great to see you are down there Matt and a great read. What are the Sondes they are flying down there? RS41s? Any chance for Ham Radio yet? 73 de Grant VK5GR

    • Matt says:

      Hi Grant, RS92 I think!

      I’ve fired up the radio a couple of times, no good propegation yet. Hard to get out with only 100w. I’ll try and get on tomorrow, I’ll let you know.

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